Continuing Education (CEU) Request Form (English)

The link below will provide you with a Continuing Education* (CEU) Request Form (English only) that you can fill out online. You can also print this form and provide it to others attending a class, workshop or event in your spiritual community. Note: You may need to use Internet Explorer to save this form.

This form is be used by Unity ministers and  licensed Unity teachers (LUTs)  who wish to update their CEU credits (postgraduate, postgrad, CEU/CEUs). LUT Candidates may also use this form to fulfill their program requirements.

Unity ministers and LUTs must have 10 current CEUs in order to teach S.E.E. (SEE / Spiritual Education and Enrichment) classes for credit. In addition, licensed Unity teachers must maintain current CEUs to remain "active."

Additional information: CEU FAQs