Central Office Staff by Department

The central office staff of Unity Worldwide Ministries works to support ministers, ministries, credentialed leaders, regions, the Board of Trustees and ministry teams. We are your partners in ministry. Our varied departments represent the breadth and depth of the tasks required to keep Unity’s spiritual communities focused and growing. (Photo: May 2016)


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Areas of responsibility include programs, resources and support for visionary education and leadership. Includes Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute (UWSI), Unity credentialing of ministers and licensed teachers, Leadership & Ministry Development Guides, curriculum and small group ministry.. This department also is responsible for programs, resources and support for international leadership and ministry development (study groups, new ministries).

Deborah Frownfelter, Executive Director of Education Deborah@unity.org 816.434.6860
Jim Gaither, Director of Academic & Student Affairs Jgaither@unity.org 816.434.6865
Chris Gannan, UWSI Registrar, Cgannan@unity.org or registrar@unity.org 816.434.6872
Marti Hayes, Senior Executive Assistant, Education Marti@unity.org 816.434.6861
Christina Lawrence, Executive Assistant, Education Christina@unity.org 816.434.6862
Lynn O'Dell, Credentialing Coordinator Lynn@unity.org 816.434.6843
Xiomara Malagon, Worldwide Support Specialist Xiomara@unity.org
Pamela Parker, Instructional Designer (consultant) pami@consciouscenter.nl
Diane Venzera, Instructional Designer (consultant) dvenzera@gmail.com
*For Youth & Family Ministry, contact Cynthia Vermillion-Foster in Field Ministry and Minister Services.

Administration and Finance

Areas of responsibility include administrative and human resources support for the central office staff, including building maintenance; member services; pension administration; tax consultation for ministers and spiritual communities; processing orders and payments; and hosting events that provide networking and educational opportunities for Unity professionals (annual convention, music conference). If you live in the Kansas City area, we welcome your volunteer assistance. Please contact Deb Ball at Deb@unity.org.

Bruce Verkruyse, Vice President/Chief Operating and Financial Officer Bruce@unity.org 816.434.6811
Suzy Forrester, Administration and Finance Coordinator Suzy@unity.org 816.434.6812
Cecilia Holman, Accounting Coordinator Celia@unity.org 816.434.6813
Deb Ball, Event Planning Coordinator Deb@unity.org 816.434.6836
Kevin Forrester, Facility Coordinator Kevin@unity.org 816.434.6816
Debbie Allen, Global Assistance Specialist  Debbie@unity.org 816.434.6831

Member Services

Areas of responsibility include ministry employment services; development of new and alternative ministries; ministry skills consulting and trainings; youth and family ministry consulting; transitional ministry support and consulting; questions and support with regards to bylaws, policies, procedures, and ministry development; conflict transformation; ethical questions, concerns and complaints. (Note: Send info for announcements, milestones, death notices, change of address, etc. to info@unity.org.)

Cynthia Vermillion-Foster, Member Services Director Cynthia@unity.org 816.282.8741 (New number)
Cathy Christy, Executive Board Coordinator Cathy@unity.org 816.434.6841
Carrie Kenyon, Member Services Coordinator Carrie@unity.org 816.434.6846
Diane Venzera, Youth and Family Ministry Consultant, DianeV@unity.org 708.622.8031 cell


Communications, Marketing and Technology

Areas of responsibility include communications among central office staff and with the UWM members at large via e-newsletters, online journal and our website; producing high-quality marketing products for our member communities; managing the Unity Identity Project (branding); and overseeing the volunteer program.

Kris Preud'homme, Executive Director of Communications and Technology Kris@unity.org 816.434.6871
Jacquie Lenati, Media Production Coordinator Jacquie@unity.org 816.434.6838
Joanna Carrell, Graphic Designer Joanna@unity.org 816.434.6834 (Tues & Thurs)
Bernadette Swanson, Editor Bernadette@unity.org 816.434.6868
Connie Waitley, Communications Specialist Connie@unity.org 816.434.6801
Diana Kennedy, Data and Technology Coordinator Diana@unity.org 816.434.6814
Andrew Waggoner, Media Development Specialist Andy@unity.org 816.434.6833
Laura Carl, Marketing and Communications Specialist Laura@unity.org 816.434.6845
Diane Pletcher, Receptionist DianeP@unity.org 816.434.6823

Executive Office

Areas of responsibility include the overall directional leadership of the central office staff to accomplish the mission of our association in coordination with the Board of Trustees, ministry teams and the association membership at large and the cultivation of alliances and relationships with other organizations and individuals who support the mission and vision of Unity Worldwide Ministries.

Donna Johnson, President and Chief Executive Officer, Djohnson@unity.org, 816.434.6820

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