Ministry Skills Development and Training

Ministry Skills Worker/Transition Consultant Training Program

The Unity Worldwide Ministries Ministry Skills Worker/Transition Consultant Training Program consists of educational requirements and practicum:

  • Educational Requirements
    • Ministry Skills Institute
    • Board/Leadership Training
    • Lombard Mennonite Peace Center Mediation Skills Institute
  • Practicum

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Educational Requirements

Ministry Skills Institute (MSI) (formerly Peace Skills Institute)

MSI outlines the principles of ministry skills development, an introduction to Conscious Neutrality: The Art of Conscious Questioning, Conscious Conversation Skills,  as well as, introductory skills needed to effectively be a ministry skills consultant and/or transition consultant. This training also makes the distinction between peace building, creative tension, and, conflict resolution. The concepts presented relate directly to dealing with challenges, and, interpersonal difficulties that arise in the life of the individual, or, the ministry. MSI also explores the “integral approach” to understanding the dynamics of ministry. It presents a holistic—all quadrants/all levels—model for understanding, and, working with conflicts, church growth, and transitional issues. This training includes an introduction to comprehensive board/leadership training, designed to be used independently, or, in conjunction with a Unity Worldwide Ministries' ministry skills process creating dynamic, thriving, and sustainable ministries.

MSI also outlines the structure of, and, "best" standards of practice, adpated for both ministry,and transition consulting services. Topics include:

  • Principles and goals of minister skills development in creating dynamic, thriving, and sustainable module processes
  • Transition consulting
  • The ministry skills process steps
  • Strategies for implementing the ministry skills process
  • Case studies
  • How to determine whether the minister should stay
  • Overview of essential elements required for effective board relationships and functioning
  • Group mind and skills for how to work with it effectively


Thriving Ministries Model and Practice (Part of Board Training)

This information integrates Spiral Dynamics and the integral principles to formulate an All Quadrant / All Level (AQAL) understanding of ministry. Integral Leadership is about modeling a way of relating to opportunities and challenges of ministry that inspire others to take up meaningful roles in the life of the church. Church growth is less about increasing numbers, but is about increasing ownership, raising consciousness, growing energy, and creating a culture of ministry skills. These shifts in our traditional concepts of church leadership and growth make healthy and energetic ministry possible. Topics include:

  • Different sized churches behave differently
  • The Relational, Organization, Communal, Cultural, and Spiritual Aspects of Ministry
  • Overcoming the systemic problems associated with moving from pastoral to program ministry
  • The three congregations in every ministry and their unique attributes
  • Spiral Dynamics and the Integral Map of Ministry
  • How to create membership competence by creating value in membership
  • The program also builds leadership capacity and addresses ways to enhance the minister/board relationship. More information about Thriving Model Ministry Workshops.


Lombard Mennonite Peace Center Mediation Skills Institute

This training is designed to equip ministry skills consultants with the skills necessary to effectively mediate disputes and move conflicted parties to healing and reconciliation. The intensive teaches collaborative problem-solving and healing strategies for work with conflicted parties and entire congregations. The Mediation Skills Institute is conducted by the Lombard Mennonite Peace Center ( and is required (or its equivalent) for those wishing certification as a ministry skills consultant/transition consultant.


It is the individual's responsibility for gaining practical experience and demonstrating the competencies inherent in the modules. Candidates for certification should conact the Ministry Skills and Transition Ministry Support Coordinator prior to doing any practicum component.

Certification candidates are required to provide documentation to substantiate the following:

Creating Dynamic, Thriving, & Sustainable Ministries —These modules include: principles of leadership; dynamics of ministry; roles and accountabilities of the minister, board and congregation; membership competence; and agreeing and disagreeing in love.  This is designed to be an 8-hour training. Requirement: Intern at one (1) Creating Dynamic, Thriving, & Sustainable Ministries Module.

The I of the Storm—Teaching The I of the Storm is a prerequisite for a community engaging in the Honoring our Past - Creating Our Future weekend.  It is important that participants are clear that no one and no thing is against them; that all perception is misperception; that we are shifting our focus from needing to be right to doing the right thing; and that conflict is an opportunity to demonstrate our Wholeness.
Requirement: Teach The I of the Storm in three (3) different venues

Honoring Our Past - Creating Our Future —This process brings the entire church community together to tell their story, and to begin to see the ways they have created identity, continuity, meaning, and purpose as the context from which they orient themselves to present circumstances and future possibilities. This training provides participants with an overview of history-related issues that affect community life. While primarily focusing on the story of a spiritual community and its struggle, the process also places participants in relationship to their own personal narrative and the myths that are a part of their personal struggle and spiritual journey.
Requirement: Intern with a Certified Consultant in two (2) Honoring Our Past - Creating Our Future processes


Certification candidates are required to complete the Ministry Skills Consultant /Transition Consultant Information Form and return to Ministry Skills and Transition Ministry Support Coordinator. An interview will be required prior to acceptance into the certification process.

In addition to the above requirements, consultants are required to submit two letters of recommendation from mentors and/or clients, including ministers, board members, or congregants whom you have served.



Certification as a Ministry Skills Consultant/Transition Consultant under the auspices of the Department of Ministry Skills of Unity Worldwide Ministries is available to those who have completed the Unity Worldwide Ministries Ministry Skills Training Program and Practicum, and have received a recommendation for certification from the Ministry Skills and Transition Ministry Support Coordinator. Recommended candidates will be referred to the Board of Trustees of the Unity Worldwide Ministries. The term of certification is for two years. To retain certification status, the individual must serve at least one ministry each year following the initial two-year term of certification and attend the Ministry Skills Institute every other year.



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Contact Cathy Christy at or 816.434.6841 for more information.

Ministry Skills Institute Training
*Are you interested in discovering what your real style of communication is when you are under pressure?
*Do you know and understand the difference between being spiritually awake and spiritually and emotionally mature and how each affects your behaviors and your capacity to be a role model for others?
*Are you ready to discover new skill-sets for use in board meetings, team meetings and in life?

This is not the PSI training "of old." MSI is newly designed and previous participants say it is fun, exciting, has the capacity to enrich conversations and the dynamics surrounding ministry, boards and teams.

MSI contains new skill-sets that, once learned, can be put into practice immediately. Who can attend? Everyone!

MSI training is for all persons within the spiritual community who are interested in expanding their capacity to enrich and enliven their conversations and to support new dynamics in both ministry and their personal life.




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