Ministerial Studies

Ministry and Religious Studies Graduate Program (M&RS)

Are you called to serve in Unity by:

  • Helping people discover and live their purpose and potential through a greater awareness of God?
  • Inspiring others through your positive example of prayer and leadership?
  • Providing practical teachings to help people live healthy prosperous lives?
  • Leading communities of like-minded people on this positive path for spiritual living?

Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute’s M&RS program offers a convenient, affordable, in-depth spiritual education to guide you to credentialing as a Unity minister. Our interactive online courses use current research to build your knowledge and skills in all aspects of ministry, while the rich experience of the instructors and your peers will nurture and inspire you on your journey. Students interested in becoming an ordained Unity minister also need to apply for admission to Unity Worldwide Ministries Licensing and Ordination ministry path.

Prerequisites and courses

There are  prerequisite Spiritual Education & Enrichment (SEE) Core courses that a Ministry & Religious Studies Candidate must complete before applying to the M&RS program. See the requirements on our admission's application process page.

Prerequisite SEE courses:

Currently there are 12 prerequisite Spiritual Education and Enrichment (SEE) courses for the ordination path. This requirement will hold true for the 2017 application cycle. In 2018 the number of prerequisites is increasing to 18. If you believe you will complete the prerequisite courses prior to April 15, 2017 the following is the list of prerequisite courses:


12 Courses required for 2017 application cycle
The Christ
Jesus' Teachings
Bible Interpretation: Hebrew Scriptures
Metaphysics I
Metaphysics 2
Metaphysics 3
Metaphysics 4
Healing and Wholeness, part one
Twelve Powers
Lessons in Truth
Life of Prayer
Development of the Unity Movement


If you believe you will not complete these courses prior to April of 2017 then  your list of prerequisite courses is below:

18 Courses will be required beginning with the 2018 application cycle

Healing and Wholeness (new combined course)
Unity Prayer
Metaphysics 1
Metaphysics 2
Metaphysics 3
Metaphysics 4
Unity Foundations (new combined course)
Overview: Hebrew Scriptures
Overview: Christian Scriptures
Bible Interpretation: Hebrew Scriptures
Bible Interpretation: Acts to Revelation
The Christ
Jesus Teachings
12 Powers
Meditation Practices
Self-Awareness (new course)
History of New Thought and Unity (new combined course)


Additional SEE Courses NOT required for application to the ministry path, but are highly recommended

Conversation Skills (new course)
Self-Care (new course)
I of the Storm
Discerning Your Purpose (new course)


The M&RS courses have both interactive and self-paced components which enable you to engage in a full time ministerial studies program and be complete in 3-5 years. See the paths outlined in our Ministerial Studies Course Schedule. The M&RS program provides an exceptional learning experience to help you:

  • deepen your self-awareness and your spiritual connection,
  • master pastoral practices,
  • enhance speaking skills,
  • explore Biblical history and interpretation,
  • apply metaphysics in your life and learn to help others do the same,
  • grow your knowledge in adult and youth education,
  • confidently utilize technology in your ministry,
  • improve your understanding of ministry administration and governance,
  • develop long-lasting professional relationships

We are here to help you attain your goals of becoming a credentialed Unity leader. To get started in a Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute program, enroll now, or contact us with any questions you may have. Remember - Students interested in becoming an ordained Unity minister also need to apply for admission to Unity Worldwide Ministries Licensing and Ordination ministry path. See the M&RS Academic Catalog for more information.