Spiritual Explorers

Spiritual Explorers

Spiritual Education and Enrichment (SEE) Courses

Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, your path at Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute (UWSI) begins with Spiritual Education and Enrichment (SEE) courses. 

If you are a casual learner, the SEE courses may be taken for your own enjoyment and enrichment. Or you may wish to complete the SEE Spiritual Development Program and the SEE Licensed Unity Teacher Path Intensive, which can open the door to credentialing as a licensed Unity teacher or minister.

SEE courses will be taught in one of three ways; as a face-to-face, online or hybrid course.

  • Face-to-face courses are "traditional" courses, taught on-campus at Unity Village, Missouri.
  • Online courses are provided online, but have no live or interactive components. (Example: Self-paced courses) These courses will be offered at a later date.
  • Hybrid courses are provided online with some scheduled, online interactive sessions. Interactive sessions include live, real-time interaction between the instructor and all students in the course.

Any way they are provided, SEE courses are not something you will take and put away on a bookshelf, never to be used again. Your experiences will enrich your everyday life, for the rest of your life.

SEE - Spiritual Development Program (SDP)

The Spiritual Development Program (SDP) offers a more structured course of study for students looking to expand and deepen their spiritual awareness. These courses are required for graduation from Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute’s Spiritual Development Program. Courses are available online from UWSI and in local Unity ministries. The completion of this 25-course program opens the door to applying for credentialing as a licensed Unity teacher or a Unity minister.

Note: There will be no changes in this program through 2017. In 2018, some course will be combined and new required courses will be added. If you are currently in the SDP, please know that UWSI staff will work with you to assure that no student is adversely affected by the changes in the program after 2017. 

SEE Spiritual Development Program - Required Courses 2016-17

Biblical Studies

Overview: Hebrew Scriptures                                              Bible Interpretation: Hebrew Scriptures
Overview of the Christian Scriptures                                  Bible Interpretation: Acts - Revelation
Jesus’ Teachings                                                                  The Creative Process in the Bible
The Christ

Metaphysical Studies and Skills
Metaphysics 1                                                                           Healing & Wholeness 1                                    
Metaphysics 2                                                                           Healing & Wholeness 2
Metaphysics 3                                                                           Unity for Today
Metaphysics 4                                                                           Lessons in Truth                                                  
Prosperity                                                                                  Discover the Power Within You
Twelve Powers           

Prayer Studies and Skills
Unity Prayer                                                  
Meditation Practices

Interdepartmental Studies and Skills
Background of New Thought
Development of the Unity Movement

SEE - Licensed Unity Teacher Path Intensive Program

LUT Path Intensive* On-Campus Calendar 2017    *formerly SEE Week C or Leadership Development Program

Students who have completed the above Spiritual Development Program and are working with Unity Worldwide Ministries' Credentialing staff may enter this 12-course program in preparation to become a licensed Unity teacher (LUT) or Unity minister.  Note: The these courses are only taught during three separate on-campus sessions held at Unity Village, MO.

LUT Path Intensive Session 1
Advanced Bible Study
Art of Teaching I
Communication I
Ministry Leadership & Polity

LUT Path Intensive Session 2                                                   
Advanced Metaphysics
Art of Teaching II
Communication II
The "I" of the Storm

LUT Path Intensive Session 3
Communication III
Interpersonal Studies
Prayer & Spiritual Support
Praying as a Unity Leader